Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Shinji Kagawa's girlfriend is a pornstar/awesome (SFW-ish))

Oh hi there friends, in no way do I think you've found yourself on this post because it mentions a pornstar - you're just really interested in Man United's new signing!  Last week 2 people found us by typing 'mexican lesbian wrestling' into google.  These are all interesting facts.

So new Manchester United playmaker Shinji Kagawa will bring his delicious WAG to Old Trafford, and it will certainly make the cameraman whose job it is to find hot girls a bit more interesting.  Doing that at Old Trafford is like trying to find bread in the supermarket that goes out of date a day later than the rest of them.  That's not even funny at all, but I don't care because tits.

The lassie in question is an 'adult entertainment sensation' according to some articles I found on her on...... newspaper websites...?  Does that sound believable?  Let's go with that.