Wednesday, 18 July 2012

SFA are going to punish Rangers some more

I feel like I still haven't properly celebrated the fact that Rangers have been thrown out of the SPL, forced in to the Third Division and are just generally ruined because it's wonderful I don't quite believe it.  And the SFA aren't even finished yet so I'm preparing my trousers for a power boner

Today the Scottish FA confirmed that they had the power to continue punishing Rangers for being awful and this means that the year long transfer embargo and fines handed to the pre-Sevco club will still be applied, and then maybe some more after that.  It's like winning a fight against some dude and then while he's on the floor in pain, you take his wallet out of his pocket, fart on his head and get your ghost friends to haunt him and like trip him up when he doesn't expect it or something.  All I need now are some ghost friends because that would be awesome.  And also the power to beat anyone up.  I guess women will do for practise.  Hello ladies!