Sunday, 29 July 2012

Ryan Giggs thinks Senegal are scary

Ryan Giggs has been critical of Senegal's 'no nonsense' tackling in Team GB's recent 1-1 draw which I think is really racist.  You can't say bad things about Africans, Ryan.  Their tackling is part of the culture or something

I know I've been dissing the Olympics for ages now but I think I actually want Team GB to quite well. I'm still undecided about the football team, and the commentators constantly correcting themselves referring to them as England isn't helping, and also then I watched the game and they were pretty bad.  Senegal could have had about 2 players sent off for repeat fouls and/or straight reds and Ryan Goggz enjoyed that:
"In a Premier League game he [Manu] would probably have been sent off three times.  There were a few naughty challenges. A few of our lads are struggling now."
The Senegal coach then said there was absolutely nothing wrong with the challenges and Ryan should 'shut his god damn mouth before I force it', before plunging his hand deep into his interpreter's chest shouting KALIMBA!!  And then everyone left because he was being so racist, because everything is racist.  The trees you see before you, this humble rock, those pretty birds, and this article on team gb and senegal.