Thursday, 26 July 2012

RVP should go to Man Utd, says Man Utd fan

Gary Pallister, who used to play for Manchester United, has revealed that he thinks Robin van Persie should totally go to Manchester United.  ZOMG

His justification for the quote is that 'strikers get bored at Man City' and van Persie might find himself benched quite a lot, what with Tevez, Balotelli and Aguero also being quite good at football.  It's a valid point, but I still don't understand how it ends up as being front page news.  There must be something else happening in the world.  The only way Gary Pallister should be getting more attention than me is if he blows up a museum, just like he will in the forthcoming movie starring Samuel L Jackson as Gary Pallister.  It's called 'Explosive Night At The Museum. KABOOOOOM'

The kaboom is necessary so that people know the film will be explosive, but not quote revealing enough to ruin the hidden plot twist somewhere in the story.

(the twist is that he blows up the museum)