Wednesday, 4 July 2012

RVP says NO

Robin Van Persie has confirmed that he will not be signing a new contract with Arsenal. We all knew this would happen so it's good to see he didn't bother dragging it out any longer.

There is Robin pointing at an awful caricature of himself, on a terrible car, with a dreadful haircut. As soon as Arsenal offered him a contract and he didn't just say yes, that was the clue that he was probably going to leave. Arsenal haven't won anything in 30 years so their fans shouldn't be too annoyed. RVP has been at Arsenal for about eight years but he's spent about four of them injured so it's not a true reflection.

Hopefully he won't go to Man City but he probably will, and join up with the melted face lesbian Nasri and his fat mate Kolo Toure. Imagine a few years ago saying that Arsenal's best players would leave to go to Man City. I'm sure someone would have said it, but it would probably have been written in shit on the wall of a mental asylum.