Friday, 13 July 2012

Ronaldinho loses Coca-Cola sponsorship for drinking Pepsi

Ronaldinho recently sued his last club because they didn't pay him for months, and although times probably aren't particularly hard for him, he could still have done without losing a multi-million £££ deal with Coca Cola.  He only had to do one thing.

Now playing for Atletico Mineiro in Brazil, the former World Player of the Year can clearly be seen beside two cans of pepsi and this was enough for Coca Cola to cancel their deals with him.  This just goes to prove that when a large organisation tells you to stay away from something, you should probably just do it.  Except in my case because I just know that if Kate Upton would let me talk to her, or even be within 500 yards, she'd fall in love all over again. When we touch it's magical!