Sunday, 15 July 2012

Rangers are in Division 3

LOL. This is old news by now but I've been away all weekend so deal with it yeah? Rangers are in Division, which is really funny.

Rangers will be playing against teams like the mighty Peterhead and East Stirlingshire. The scare mongering has begun and if you believe some of the stories coming out, Rangers going into the third division means that you will lose your home, your job, you will be raking through bins to find scraps to eat and sleeping under bridges. One of my friends used to live under a bridge and eat cold baked beans, that was also funny. 

Enjoy it while it last people because they will be back before we know it. The streets of Glasgow will be safe for a few years, apart from when they play each other in the Cups. It's inevitable that they will meet sooner rather than later and it will be all out warfare -apart from on the pitch where Celtic will probably win about 12-0.

Scottish football will survive, teams won't go under and everything will be alright.

Rangers are in Division Three, that will never not be funny.