Wednesday, 25 July 2012

QPR find Joey Barton loop hole

QPR have come up with an ingenious way of getting Joey Barton back into their starting 11 after he earned himself a 12 match ban.  Nothing can go wrong so they've told everyone about it.

By simply sending Barton on loan to a lower league club, whose games start far sooner and in greater number than his current premiership employers, QPR will quicker run down the number of important matches he actually has to miss.  This might explain why he's been sent to train with Fleetwood Town this week.  Danny Mills, for some reason, is quoted saying:
If it was me I would say it was a great idea. It's not against the rules, some might argue it's against the spirit of the game, but until that loophole is closed then why would you not exploit it? You can't play any kind of football during that time.
Who on earth is looking for Danny Mills for a quote?  Where did they even find him?  And how?  Unless the answer is 'under a bridge and/or accidentally' I don't think I believe it