Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Portsmouth ARE DOOMED

Portsmouth are pretty much nearly dead at the moment because they spent loads of money they didn't have for ages.  They can be saved though, if only the players on super expensive contracts take a pay cut!  They can save the club!  Guess how much they want to do that.

Fat defender you had forgotten about, Tel Ben Haim is just one of these players and he currently takes in £36,000 a week.  I can't blame him for wanting to be paid for a contract he signed and he's claimed that he's missing out on about £2.5million due to administrators and the fact that his employers are sinking into the sewers, which is quite a lot.  Regardless of the fact he's already rich, it's still his money sort of, and it's not all his fault that the company signed him up in the first place.

He's saying that 'waaaaaaaaah I WANT MY £££ and those corporate fat cats are trying to rip us footballers off!  Let's expose them for the money hungry capitalists that they are!  HUZZAH!' and the guy in charge is saying "no-one can afford your ridiculous wages you ungrateful cunts.  I'm going to liquidate the company".  All in all it's a really nice story about rich people fighting over who can have the most money while all the ants watch their hill melt into the ground.

Everyone in this story sucks.