Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Peter Crouch gets his own TV show

It's true, Peter Crouch has been given his own chat show. "On the Couch with Peter Crouch" could be something that Alan Partridge made up, but it's actually the name of a new show coming soon to Sky TV.

I'm sure this show will be great because Peter Crouch did the robot once and he uses real English words. Crouchy will interview his heroes and ask hard-hitting questions like, "who's your favourite footballer". It's believed that Liam Gallagher, Abby Clancy and Barack Obama will be his first guests. One of those is made up.

If any broadcasters are worried about their ratings, I've taken the liberty of making up some shows that could be made. "On the Dole with Ashley Cole", "On the Pull with Ross Turnbull" and "On the Pills with Danny Mills". Don't be surprised to see the latter on ITV2.