Sunday, 29 July 2012

Paul Scholes wanted to play at Euro 2012

England were absolutely terrible in Euro 2012 and to make things slightly better for them, it turns out if they'd just asked Paul Scholes to play, he would have.  So that's nice.

The Manchester United midfielder came out of retirement last year to regain his place as their best player, and before Euro 2012 kicked off everyone was jizzing in their pants over the thought of him being taken to the tournament by Harry Redknapp.  They were all like 'ermagerd, perl skerls' and we were told daily how he is the greatest player ever so that's why I guess they forgot to ask him.  From the Daily Mail:
Hodgson decided against trying to lure the midfielder out of international retirement on two counts: he thought Scholes's priority would have been extending his United career and he did not want to risk rejection by the Old Trafford veteran.
'Well, that's his opinion isn't it,' said Scholes. 'He's entitled to that.' Would he have said No? Scholes said: 'I've no idea. It was flattering to be talked about. But I wasn't asked, so it means nothing.'
I'd expand upon this point further if it wasn't for the fact that now I've read the Daily Mail I have this sudden urge to set fire to brown people.  Did you know they can shoot lasers from their eyes?!!