Sunday, 29 July 2012

Owen Hargreaves is BACK!

Owen Hargreaves, my absolute footballing hero, is training with QPR even though they don't want to sign.  Unless it turns out he's not injured.  It's only been like 4 years now after all

Ahh, where it all began.  It was actually around this time last year that this video went up and what fun we all had!  Especially Owen Hargreaves, and probably Rowntrees who got some free advertising.  Either way, Mark Hughes is letting the free agent train with his QPR side with no obligation to sign him, and none for Hargreaves to stay there.  Like a fuck buddy, basically.  If Mark Hughes were to shag Owen Hargreaves it would look like that scene in Empire Strikes Back when Chewbacca tries to reassemble C3PO, but with more anger.