Thursday, 5 July 2012

Nobody likes Rangers

Rangers have been turned down by the SPL and now even the SFL are fighting over who actually has to put up with them.  This feels like school.  Or the orphanage.  Sad potato

I have no idea who that dude is but he's probably important.  Not only does he have a tie, but he's also old and has glasses and is not doing gardening - therefore important.  Rangers are a bit like that guy from school who turns up to the party with no booze so then goes around all the weedy kids forcing them to sell them theirs, then whilst pissed on tenants super and wine they start hitting on all the hot girls, get turned down one by one and are eventually thrown out for starting a fight with the dog that was just sitting admiring some shoes.  Thrown out of the house they are refused to get back in and stand out shouting, calling everyone cunts until eventually sobering up and realising that all of that stuff was probably a bad idea.

So now the SFL are bickering over where they should go, and when they do, Dunfermline will probably be promoted to the SPL.  Either way, Scottish football is awful and Rangers should be banished to the moon until they learn to be nice.  The only credible thing about their whole operation is that Ally McCoist is a good guy and has now stated that he thinks the club should start in the third division because that's fair.  Otherwise we might as well just give Rangers and Celtic their very own league or cup.  Oh wait we already did.  Zing!