Thursday, 5 July 2012

Nicolas Anelka hates Chinese people

Shanghai Shenhua captain Nicolas Anelka has had to tell angry fans to get a life after a recent run of results that isn't good for a team in a Chinese league with Nicolas Anelka playing for them.  I think basically any result that isn't 8-0 is what I mean.

Because the team lost 1-0 to the bottom of the league team, Anelka and his players didn't bow after the game, as is apparently customary in the Chinese League, so then some dude started yelling, in English "why didn't you bow with the rest of the team" and then Anelka was all like "I don't care".  Something like that.  And the guy was all 'waaaaaah waaaah I pay for tickets and you've only scored 2 goals' and Anelka took a £1billion note out of his pocket, set it on fire and rammed it up his own arse.  True story.