Tuesday, 24 July 2012

New York Red Bulls sign Tim Cahill maybe

Everton announced the departure of midfielder Tim Cahill for £1million to New York Red Bulls today, and then New York Red Bulls said "say whaaaaaaaaat?"

The Australian lost some of his powers in the last few seasons and therefore some of his value, which is why he's gone for what seems like a pretty low amount of money.  That's if he even has gone because New York said:
"We are aware of Everton's statement regarding midfielder Tim Cahill and our club. However, we have no comment at this time regarding him or any other non-New York player."
So this is awkward.  It's like when you arrange to go to this super cool party with that really hot girl from work and you're really excited and tell everyone you know, so you get all shirted up and then when you get there she says 'cool I'll see you later on then yeh?' and immediately heads up stairs to get banged by Tim Cahill.