Sunday, 29 July 2012

Modric to Madrid

The Sun is reporting that Real Madrid have agreed a £36m fee with Spurs for Modric. Before anyone gets excited/angry, let's remember the Sun have to make up at least 100 articles a day without any real football being played. It's probably a lie.

I've decided that Modric looks like a wet cat. I would post a picture but, wet cats look so vile I could very well end up with my laptop smothered in last nights dinner. It was meaty. The Modric transfer has become a saga, I hate transfer sagas. Spurs are refusing to accept that he's leaving and the article goes onto state that a fee has not been agreed between the two clubs. In fact all it says is that Modric said he would like to paly for Real Madrid. Darren Mackie would probably like to play for them as well but they coulnd't afford his wages.

This whole article is just nonsense and this was their main story, it's about as factual as Braveheart. Back when Braveheart was made, Mel Gibson was considered an A-lister and a heart-throb. Now he's a booze monster who hates Jews. Ah the mysteries of life.