Friday, 6 July 2012

Mario Balotelli is pregnant

Mario Balotelli is going to be a Dad which sounds like something he will be good at, if he's not busy setting fire to the hospital or buying endangered lizards for its playroom.

Mario Balotelli has been hanging out with this lady:

Quite a lot recently and now she has the power of a thousand suns growing inside her.  Rafaella Fico is the name of the human lady and she told Balotelli before the Euro 2012 Quarter Final with Germany, if various papers are to be believed, and the Italy striker was said to be delighted.  Even though they broke up because he was banging a prostitute.  Awkward

So now they have a wonderful story to tell their new born about why they spent some time apart.  I would like to advise to the happy couple that explaining to their son/daughter what a prostitute is and what they do probably isn't a good idea until the kid is at least like.... 5?  That sounds like a good age to learn about prostitutes.