Monday, 9 July 2012

Mancini likes Russia because = £££

There are loud noises from all over football land suggesting that Roberto Mancini might be about to bail on Manchester City and take over the job of Russia manager.  Why?  Because of about £45million

The Italian made history last year when he took Manchester City to win the Premier League, and also my heart as I hope that one day I can be as sexy and cool as he is.  At the age of 47 he's still a handsome boy and he still has quite a lot to achieve with City before the 'mission' is successful but the lure of Moscow and its riches would entice even the mots dedicated of employees.  Also, Russia looks like a lame place to live.  It's cold, there are racists EVERYWHERE (according to the BBC) just like hanging out in buildings and setting fire to people, they're all bond villains and/or powerful boxers, they like vodka, uhhhhhh their football chants sound like the intro to Modern Warfare, aaaaaaaand other stuff.

£45million is a lot of money though I guess.  Man, I pay to live in Aberdeen, I got a bad deal.