Monday, 30 July 2012

Man United want Ashley Cole now

Man United have refused to offer any more than £12million for Leighton Baines, which isn't being accepted even though Everton are dirt poor, so now they want Ashley Cole.

Ferguson seems pretty keen to buy cover for Patrice Evra now that the only other left back he has (one of those Da Silva twins) is on loan at QPR.  The divorced Chelsea player is still definitely one of the best left backs in Europe, but now he's getting slightly older and close to the end of his contract he might not cost quite so much to acquire - that is if Chelsea even wanted to sell him and it's not as if they need the money.  Plus, who are they going to sign instead?  Roberto Carlos is too old and Maldini retired a while ago so therefore there aren't any other left backs left in the world that they could sign.  That's just scientific fact.  Like Jesus or the moon