Monday, 16 July 2012

Man United paid £25million for Anderson o_0

Fuzzy bear faced midfielder Anderson has announced that he is READY to prove his doubters wrong and become the player he always thought he would this season, in order to justify the £25million price tag that made me laugh just now.  He's awful.

I was sure he'd only cost Man United about £18m-ish when he signed in 2007 from Porto, but according to some other story I just read it was actually £25m.  That is fucking astounding.  He is honestly just one of the worst players I can remember seeing for United - every time he looks like he's about to shoot within 30 yards I duck behind my sofa, in my house in Aberdeen, so that the ball doesn't hit me.  It's like going into a sweet shop, buying a Twix for £25million and then the Twix is shit.