Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Luis Suarez is racist again

Do you remember that whole racism thing with Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra where Luis Suarez kept dropping Spanish n bombs all over the place?  Yeh well that was Man United's fault apparently.

Speaking on a Uruguayan TV show, Suarez had this to say about the whole trial thing:
"They were very tough days to me. I am not used to showing what I really feel, but the trial week was very difficult. I also cried alongside my wife.
"People at Liverpool are sure that it was a way that Manchester United used to put me out of the team and stop Liverpool. In England, Manchester United's political power is strong and you must respect that and shut your mouth."
Hahahaha he cried!  And he's a man!  HA ha hah ah what a girl.  And then he said how tiring the whole ordeal was:
"I was exhausted, I was so tired. I wanted to cry, and kick all the things around me.
"I came home and I wanted to do all that, but I couldn't because my daughter was at home. There were really complicated days, and then things became harder after the punishment."
I can understand because that's generally how I feel after playing anymore than 3 games of FIFA at a time, or when Call of Duty is laggy.

9gag is shit by the way, I just saw that picture ages ago.  The other difference in his story and mine is that my daughter is never at home either because I don't have one, or because a lion ate it.  CLIFF HANGER