Thursday, 19 July 2012

Liverpool don't want to loan Andy Carroll now

Liverpool have made a small U-turn in their decision to allow a £35million player to leave somewhere for free and now want £20million for him.  Hmm.

I'm not sure if Brendon Rodgers could make it any more obvious that he thinks Carroll is shit at this point and the striker himself must feel great about being so welcome at the club he left his home for.  Newcastle's bid to take him back to his native land didn't cover all of his £80,000 a week wages so now the Anfield side want at least £20million back for him so they don't look like bumbling retards.  This whole thing was a total disaster, it's like one day some dude phones you up and says "hey man, see that pretty shitty car you have?  Are you selling that?" and then you say "hmm well I wasn't going to" and they say "well how much do you want for it?" and so you go "ummm I don't know... it's worth about £1000" "OK I'll give you £35million for it and not a penny more" and so you sell the car, but then 2 years later they realise it's shit and want you to buy it back.  And you probably could but you got like 3 new cars in that time to replace the other one so you don't really need it.