Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Lee Griffiths sucks

Hibs on-loan striker Lee Griffiths is currently on a pre-season tour of Germany but isn't pleased with his hotel, which he claims is like a 'prison camp'.  I wish it was.

The Scotland under-21 cap can't be arsed with pre-season training because heaven forbid he actually do any real work, what with being a footballer and all.  On the first day of pre-season he tweeted:
 Officially start today #cantbebothered #bed
And that pissed off his manager, who told him to fuck off to Hibs.  Then at Hibs he tweeted:
Hotel like a prison camp .... #getmehomeasap 
So that's cool.  I remember when I was sent away by my work and I had to stay in this hotel in Covent Garden and they didn't even have wi-fi.  What is this, Syria?!!!!