Thursday, 19 July 2012

Ledley King is retired

Tottenham captain Ledley King has today announced his retirement from the game because on a scale of 1 to injured, he is 14.  What?

One of England's most talented defenders of his generation, Ledley has pulled the plug on his Spurs career at the age of 31 and will now act as an ambassador for Spurs, which I think means just does whatever he was doing before except without having to go to the gym.

For the last half of his career Ledley pretty much didn't even train, as after he'd played a match he got immediately put back in the medical centre to be repaired.  Some say you know it's time to call it a day when you start using Pritt Stick and blue tac to fix parts of the anatomy, others call me a maverick genius.  Either way, I appear to banned from the hospital.