Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Le Tissier also likes in-match betting

Claus Lundekvam has opened a can of worms. I've no idea why people keep worms in cans and what happens when the can is opened, I think they explode or something. Matthew Le Tissier has said that he was involved with a little bit of of a betting scam, but it was all just a laugh with the lads like.

Le Tiss said in his auto-biography that back in 1995, he and some mates put on a spread-bet in relation to when the first throw-inwould be. Le Tiss planned to boot the ball out of play as early as possible and pocket himself a cool £10k. Unfortunately for him, his team-mate who wasn't a dodgy bastard stopped the ball going out. Luckily he got the ball out of play after 70seconds and they all got their money back so they didn't get kneecapped or have their ears cut off.

He doesn't think it was a big deal because a team can't win or lose because of a throw in can they? Unless of  course you are Stoke, then you rely almost entirely on throw-ins to score goals. With all these dodgy betting scandals coming out, I would like to ask William Hill to refund the £1000s of pounds they have taken off me over the years. Nothing is real anymore, what is reality? Am I really alive? Is Carlos Tevez human? What is Frank Ribery? So many questions.