Thursday, 19 July 2012

Kolo Toure wants money

Man City defender Kolo Toure is currently being courted by one of those rich UAE type clubs and since he knows the only reason he'd go there is to GET PAAAAAAAID he's trying to get paaaaaaid.

Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal want the over-eating Ivory Coast international to be their star man and doesn't he just know it.  Toure has asked for £50k after a tax, free flights, a house with the rent already paid and the captaincy of the club.  Some papers have made this sound like it's loads and loads but tbh if you have to go and live in Saudi Arabia I'd say that's a fair deal and it's not as if they're short of money there either.  "Oh poor oil tycoon, I don't mind playing just for the honour of your club in Saudi Arabia because I hear it's life enriching there" said no-one ever.