Sunday, 15 July 2012

John Terry is not guilty

What? A mere nine months after this whole debacle started, John Terry was found not guilty. I guess this is a slightly less serious version of the OJ Simpson trial. Like a Carry On version full of innuendo and John Terry shagging Wayne Bridge's wife.

That's the look of  a man who has gotten away with something. Like the face I used to pull when I was leaving the head teachers office at school after managing to successfully avoid threats of expulsion again. All I did was use a canteen tray as a snowboard and go down the stairs, there was that whole bonfire thing but that's another story.

Not guilty was the only possible verdict as the evidence brought forward was not strong enough to convict. The judge hopes that this does not put off any black players who have suffered any abuse coming forward, but it probably will. This case has been put to bed and basically signed off as "banter". Footballing "banter" is the worst kind in the entire world and is basically just fully grown men slagging each other off like you would hear on the playground - just to make clear, I definitely don't hang around playgrounds.

"Your're a dick." BANTER! This is the world we live in.