Monday, 9 July 2012

John Terry is in court

Our beloved friend John Terry is in court just now as a judge, or maybe a jury, decide whether he is racist for allegedly calling Anton Ferdinand 'a black cunt'.  I'm no scientist, but I'm not sure that's too difficult.

The alleged incident happened in a game between Chelsea and QPR ages ago and blah blah blah you all know the story here.  The FA pushed it back so he could play in Euro 2012, if found guilty he'll be banned and all of a sudden, 'hey presto!' he's a reformed character and will never go around adulterising  or shouting discriminatory things at black people again.  It's just like when my uncle was sent to jail for killing all of those homeless people and when he came out he never did it again.  Or certainly that the police know of, and I'm pretty sure I can hear noises from his shed.  Ah well, innocent until proven guilty!