Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Joey Barton is training with Fleetwood Mac

In news sure to delight fans of life everywhere, Fleetwood Mac are reforming, and Joey Barton is helping them with their pre-season!  I for one, am totally excited

The 29 year old has a 12 match ban for trying to start a ruckus on the last day of the season, helping Man City on their way to a historic Premier League victory and for some reason has decided to train with the band, who have hits like "The Chain" and "Go Your Own Way" both of which are awesome. I just found out why he's been left out and it's because he wasn't taken to Malaysia with the rest of the team, which seems a bit harsh, or maybe fair.  I don't know.  Also it's actually Fleetwood Town he's training with.  Not the band.  Why did none of you correct me sooner?  Gee, thanks guys.  Now I look like an idiot.