Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Jack Wilshere might never play again

According to a guy on the internet, Jack Wilshere may or may not ever play again.  ERMAGURD

The injury prone midfielder has said that he expects to be back in a month and a bit, or maybe some more around about a year after he was supposed to be back within a month and a bit.  Perhaps I'm just ad-libbing on some internet rumour to fill space, perhaps I am breaking a world exclusive, all I know is that I am to journalism what Winnie The Pooh is to Formula One.  And what I mean by that is I wonder if F1 drivers drive at the speed limit ever on real roads.  You know how sometimes you do drive at exactly the speed limit like it's a game and if you go over you lose a life or something?  I don't do it very much.  About the same amount of time I spend on Grand Theft Auto actually doing missions rather than blowing up hospitals.

So anyway, something about Jack Wilshere.