Monday, 9 July 2012

Iniesta gets married

This isn't really much of a story and to be honest I'm only even writing about this because there is nothing happening, but mainly because I was convinced that Iniesta was gay.

Andres Iniesta won player of Euro 2012 and has won pretty much everything in football worth winning- apart from the Konami cup but as far as I know that only existed in Pro Evolution Soccer. He recently married his lady-friend Anna Ortiz. I always thought that Iniesta was really camp but obviously my gaydar is broken because usually when you marry a woman it means you are not gay. Unless you are Tom Cruise, then you marry three different women.

I like that we are not famous enough to get sued by Tom Cruise. I mean I could even write that Scientology is completely mental and a cult that brainwashes vulnerable but stupid people into giving away thousands of pounds. I could even say that he is clearly a massive homosexual but I wouldn't say that because that definitely isn't true.

When does the football start again?