Sunday, 22 July 2012

I hate Neymar

Neymar played in Brazil's game against Team GB yesterday, or today, or something and here is a video of him cheating like the asshole that he is.

So as you can see, the flashy striker does a little trick and then Ryan Bertrand clumsily puts his hand out and rests it on Neymar's neck OH MY GOD SOMEONE GET A FUCKING AMBULANCE.  He starts crying and gets a medic to put ice on the back of his head because he didn't get a penalty and apparently his pride is somewhere near the outer part of his skin, which is why it can be treated with basic medical implements like a sponge.  I phoned Neymar to tell him how much I hate him for stuff like this but he just started shouting back and I don't speak Portuguese.  Or Japanese.  It was something like that he was speaking in.  I definitely phoned someone anyway