Thursday, 26 July 2012

Hampden Park is good at Olympics

So the Olympics got off to a cracking start yesterday by nearly starting a war.  Hooray!

As we all know, North Korea is a very forward thinking and understanding nation, which is why they were totally cool with the fact that stadium announcers in glasgow had their players pictured next to a South Korean flag.  It's not as if the olympics are important or anything anyway, so just googling 'korea flag' minutes before you are due to roll the footage was probably the right thing to do, but either way, someone's getting fired.

The North Korean women's team walked off the pitch and delayed play by an hour after the stadium's faux pas, while their countrymen back home celebrated the world cup and super bowl championships they'd won earlier in the day.  I fully expect to be invaded any day now.  Well done guys.  YOU HAD ONE JOB