Thursday, 5 July 2012

Goal technology is coming

According to my top secret sources, a man called Beebee Sea, the Premier League might use goal line technology in like 2013 or something like that.  It's happening though, basically.

England won a world cup because of an incorrect decision, and then were fortunate not to concede another against Ukraine in Euro 2012, and also something about Lampard in Germany.  Now all those people daaan saaaaf will be able to shout 'OI REFEREE WATCH THA FACKIN VIDEO OLROIGH?' or however it is people in London talk and then the ref will check his iPhone or one of the MASSIVE GIGANTIC SCREENS EVERY STADIUM HAS and deduce whether it was a goal or not.  Technology is being investigated so rather than watching on a screen what has clearly happened, a noise just goes off and loads of fireworks go kapoosh and kappow and a goal is awarded.

It's just that complicated.