Sunday, 22 July 2012

Gareth Southgate quits the FA

Gareth Southgate has quit the FA as head of development coaching and will now wander the streets shouting at people to ask if they remember his name and ask what anything really means anymore.  Happy times

Southgate looks like someone took a Mr Potato and ironed it but that hasn't stopped him from making big changes in the English game that will hopefully see young players learn that assaulting people and kicking the ball very far away will not let you win things.  He offered a predictably boring resignation speech saying how much he liked his time and that he likes everyone there blah blah blah and then walked into his local off license to begin his new career as 'that guy who drinks loads of beer and is totally cool because he does that', like me.  I think you have a problem when you start checking the boxes for broken bottles like they're eggs.  For now, I just trust that they're all fine.