Sunday, 29 July 2012

Gareth Bale too injured for Olympics, now really

Gareth Bale was too injured to play for Team GB in this year's Olympics, to the extent that he only managed to score 1 goal the other night in a friendly.  And then he got injured.

AVB has had an interesting start to his Spurs career so far.  Not only has he been trying to sell their best player all summer, but now he's lost his other one to an injury by Charlie Adam, which he's not really that happy about.
"I think it is a very nasty challenge from Charlie.  The player is gone and he comes in from behind on Gareth’s ankle. I did not know the previous history between the two. I know now.
"It is a difficult one to be fair. You do not want to end up in a game with Liverpool with 10 men. Charlie came to me and said something about the challenge. I can accept but I think he should go to the player to say sorry. Because if the player escapes hospital it is because he is very lucky.
Being injured by Charlie Adam is like if you lose a game of Mario Kart to a homeless man and then have to let him live in your house, and you have to feed him daily and then one day you smother him with your pillow because he's so ugly and you're annoyed that you didn't use your lightning earlier.  So many decisions can make or break a classic race like that.  And now you have to bury him but I'm pretty sure you can't get in trouble for this because I guess not too many people care about the homeless, and that's why they're homeless in the first place.  No-one except me that is.  I will miss you forever Boney Bill :-(