Tuesday, 3 July 2012

France players are jerks

4 French players are to be disciplined for acting like spoiled little ass holes during Euro 2012.  Good.

Samir Nasri is, unsurprisingly, going to be in trouble for calling some journalists a shower of cunts, Jeremy Menez for having a fight with Hugo Loris, Hatem Ben Arfa for shouting at Laurent Blanc in the dressing room and finally Yann M'Vila for refusing to shake someone's hand or something.

Basically these are all really lame reasons for being disciplined, but it's kinda ridiculous that all these dudes decided the best way to represent their country and try and defeat others was to bicker amongst each other, behave like bell ends and eventually just surrender, eat cheese and be rude.  Oh and baguettes.  They all ate baguettes and croissants.  And Ribery went back to live on the side of his church.