Sunday, 8 July 2012

FIFA rankings: Not very logical

FIFA's rankings are utterly ridiculous to everybody, including people who actually work for them.

The secretary general of FIFA is a chap called Jérôme Valcke, he probably won't remain in that position for much longer. Agreeing with the rest of the world, he said that FIFA's ranking can sometimes appear "not very logical". England are currently fourth in the world, which makes sense to absolutely nobody except idiots like Phil Thompson and his other moronic counterparts at Sky. Their players are just too good to be managed.

It would seem that FIFA are going to look into changing their points system which is used to rank the teams. Sadly that magic octopus that predicted games has died, asking him would surely have been the fairest and most sensible way to rank teams. Thankfully for FIFA I have made a new ranking system that they can bring in. Spain - too good, Everyone else- shite. Done.