Tuesday, 24 July 2012

FIFA 13 manager mode sounds cool

If like me you are bored of playing against Real Madrid at FIFA online, fear not!  The next addition of the series is going to have loads of cool stuff in Manager Mode.  Also, we get loads of traffic when we do something about FIFA, but that's totally irrelevant here.

Some computer games magazines have had a preview of the new game and have a bunch of quotes from the developer saying things like "this is the greatest fifa game yet!" and "it's revolutionary" and stuff like that.  Basically dragged and dropped from every football game developer ever.  Manager Mode on the other hand has some cool things that they have completely stolen from New Star Soccer, which as we all know is awesome.  And I was playing NSS before it was cool so I would know.  Here's some stuff to flesh this out a bit:
This year's big new feature is FIFA 13's new First Touch Control mechanic, which promises to lend the game a more unpredictable nature than in previous FIFA entries. In FIFA 12, for an example, a long pass would find its way onto a player's boot as though the ball and boot were magnetized. Now players will have to allow for bounces, weather conditions, players entering their personal space and the overall skill level of the player they're controlling in order to successfully control a lobbed pass.
So that sounds great.  It means playing in the SPL will be as realistic as it is awful, so even less people can watch it.  The best thing about the game is that Rangers might not be in it at all.  maniacal laugh

What else?  Ummm some stuff about new transfer systems.  Whatever.  You're going to buy it anyway.  Can I have some money now please?