Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Feel sad? Burn your house down

Former Bayern Munich defender Breno has been sentenced to three years and nine months in prison for burning down his house. His excuse was that he was suffering from depression, worst excuse ever.

Breno used to be one of the best defenders in Football Manager. I can't imagine his stats are particularly good now, unless they add fire starting as an attribute. Convicted of aggravated arson, he said that he was depressed from being injured and unable to play football. With his family out of the house he was renting and drinking heavily, Breno did what we all do when we are feeling blue and burnt his house down.

When I'm depressed I usually just comfort eat, get hammered and listen to The Smiths - I've never had the compulsion to set fire to my house but maybe I'm just weird. Breno is only 22 and is married, has children, played for Bayern Munich and burnt his house down . What have you done with your life?