Saturday, 21 July 2012

European football has begun

European football is already upon us for the new season as all those teams from the unimportant countries battle it out to try and get beaten by a bigger club in the next round.  STEP IN MOTHERWELL

Our Scottish boys from Motherwell will play Greek side Panathinaikos, which will at least give them a nice little holiday away from their home before they don't have to travel anymore.  If they don't combust upon seeing sunlight for the first time since Summer began, they will lose comfortably against the Greek leagues number 2 side.  Back to our nation's best chance of winning anything, Celtic are set to play against HJK Helsinki, who at the moment are 7-0 from their first round game against a team nobody cares about.  The BBC says it is likely they will probably progress but I'm just not sure 7 goals will be enough.  It's just so tight.