Monday, 23 July 2012

Eric Cantona kicks table in anger

Eric Cantona might look like calm, collected and sophisticated Frenchman, but at the core of his soul still lies a trapped, angry animal who just wants to SMASH THINGS KABLAHAAAAAA

According to the former striker's son, his love for Manchester United has never depleted and on the last day of the 2011/2012 Premier League season he took his frustration out on an innocent table, karate kicking it to death.  His son told some random fan:
It smashed to pieces. My dad was angry and upset. He still adores United and we thought they were going to hang on to the title
And then he ran through a wall like the Hulk leaving a Cantona shaped silhouette in the plaster.  Not really, they actually laughed about it.  Heart warming stories like this remind of similar times I've experienced like when I burned down my ex's house or when I lost a 2-0 lead against some Real Madrid mong on FIFA last night.  One of these is obviously worse than the others but in my defence, you should never play FIFA after drinking beer.