Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Emmanuel Frimpong charged for hating on Jews

Emmanuel Frimpong dropped a hard Y bomb on Twitter the other night, and the FA have reprimanded him accordingly, by grounding him or something.

So this whole thing started by Frimpong tweeting:
If you going church today Pray For me Giving today A Miss
So straight away we know he's an idiot because he Uses Capital Letters For No Reason.  You'd think his God would at least gift him the ability to spell.  I don't even believe in any of the gods and I can spell most of the time.  Annnnd anyway, one Spurs fan replied:
I prayed you break your arms and legs
OHHHH!  No he di'int!  Yes he did friends.  And did Frimpong take it well?  No!  And that's why he called him:
Yid Scum
So not only is this dude a total bell end for all this DENCH stuff but he also hates Jewish people.  He told me "Hey man, do you know why money is green?  Because all the jews pick it before it's ripe" which I thought was really racist of him.  How could you say that?  I am so disappointed.