Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Don't sing, won't win

Germany were hotly tipped to play Spain in the final of Euro 2012 but they were defeated by Italy, why? Because they didn't sing their national anthem loud enough, that's why.

England are usually slaughtered by the press, but finally they have realised they are really average so thankfully that has stopped. Not for the Germans though - journalists, pundits, players, fans, everyone is getting fired into their team like a fat family getting stuck into a Pizza Hut buffet. 

Fat families at Pizza Hut are usually stupid and so it seems are the German media. Balotelli thundered the ball past Neuer at about 1,000mph but they think the German team lost the game way before that.To paraphrase, lots of the German players didn't sing along to the national anthem and those that did, did not do it loud enough. Singing the anthem creates a togetherness and the patriotism and pride would somehow magically manifest itself into Germany winning the game. 

When I was at university I logged on to my exam timetable and discovered that I had an exam for a course that I didn't even realise I was taking. Having not been to one class all year, rather than study I tried singing O Flower of Scotland really loudly before the exam in the hope that it would inspire me to pass. Funnily enough I scored a zero in that game.