Sunday, 15 July 2012

Didier Drogba cares not for money

Didier Drogba has joined his mate Nicolas Anelka in China by singing for Shanghai Shenua. It's not about money.

Here is Drogba posing in some kind of weird Pro Evo looking backdrop. Drogba has signed for a reported £270k a week which scientists tell me is a lot of money. Drogba was quick to reiterate the words of Anelka, this is not for money, you may think it is but it's definitely not. 

Shenhua are 13th in a league of 16th China but it's definitely not about money. Drogba wants to help raise the profile of football in China and try to increase the the standard and facilities. China has a population of about ten billion and with the population of the world being around seven billion, you can see the potential they have. 

You'd think with such a large population they would be able to produce just one good player? They eat fertilised duck eggs, everything about that is wrong.