Monday, 23 July 2012

Daniel Sturridge 1 - 0 Meningitis

Daniel Sturridge has successfully overcome the annoying bout of meningitis he just obtained and thanked Chelsea's medical team for healing him.

The 22 year old will take part in Team GB and hope that he can help take home a gold medal from the tournament now he has successfully defeated one of nature's great diseases.  He said:
"It is a really difficult thing to get through and, without the help of the Chelsea doctor, my family and my girlfriend, it would have been even more difficult - I would not wish what I have had on my worst enemy."
Damn straight.  Wishing the lame version of meningitis upon your worst enemy is completely pointless - you'd at least hope that they get thing where your neighbour has to come round and get naked too so that he can fix it.  I hated that one.  In retrospect, I should have just gone to a doctor, because I was 25 at the time.