Sunday, 8 July 2012

D-Beck banned

David Beckham has a history of throwing tantrums like a three year-old girl and it doesn't look like old age has calmed him down any.

Beckham is all pissed off about not getting into the Olympic team and he took it out on some poor chap by kicking a football at him. After the final whistle he was acting aggressively and being a twat. His actions have led to a one game ban and an undisclosed fine, which will probably be about £100 because football is really stupid. Thankfully that giant blue muppet was there to calm down the situation.

I imagine David Beckham shouting at you would be like a three year-old girl screaming at you, and yes that is a cheap joke about his silly voice. Becks is all pissed off because he didn't get into the Olympic team. Maybe he's struggling to accept that he's 37 years old and hasn't been drinking the Ryan Giggs immortal juice?

It must be shit being Beckham, £500m in the bank, ridiculously handsome, brilliant at football and you don't get to play football at the Olympics. A lesser man would have tried to commit suicide by now.