Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Claus Lundekvam likes in-play betting

Claus Lundekvam is from Norway and is a defender.  Why is this interesting?  Because he is a defender.  OF EVIL!!!!

For some reason I've been listening to novelty songs from the 90s for the past 15 minutes, but that hasn't stopped Claus from lifting the lid on a BETTING SCANDAL (c) of the sun that has apparently caused rifts throughout football land.  FIFA are now investigating the claims made by the Southampton captain about himself and other Premiership and Championship players that they have made £££££££ from helping bookmakers with 'first throw in' 'first yellow card' etc.

In all fairness, punting the ball out of play in the first 30 seconds won't have that much of an effect on the game, and the players make an absolutely fortune for doing it anyway.  They've worked hard enough to get where they are I guess, and it's not as if they get paid by their clubs for playing - they have to make a living somehow.  And if you replace 'in the first 30 seconds' with ' for the entire match' suddenly you have an explanation as to why Aberdeen are doing so well right now.