Sunday, 22 July 2012

Bebe has still got it

Good news everyone!  Bebe scored a goal for Manchester United!  Here it is:

There you go.  The Portugeuese forward has overcome an injury that kept him out of an entire season with Besiktas last year to play some part in United's pre-season and this goal might stop Ferguson from having him sent to wherever it is homeless people go.  And you might say 'well they're homeless, so they have no where to go' but that is absolute bullshit.  There is no excuse for being homeless in 2012, there are like 1000 shelters everywhere for them.  I was busking once at night in Aberdeen and this mink walks up to me with his sleeping bag on and says 'hey mate you're making me lose all my business' and I was like 'oh I'm sorry... so because I'm playing a fucking guitar on the street and making easy money from pissed students, I'm expected to feel bad for you because you want some more heroin.  I have never ever seen you on the street here at any other time other than the weekend, so I know you are not homeless and are actually a work shy junkie cunt' and then in real life I actually immediately ran away because I was scared he would stab me.