Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Andy Carroll's career is on fire part 4: West Ham

Andy Carroll cost Liverpool £35million 2 years ago.  Now West Ham maybe want to take him on loan.  Wow.

With Brendan Rodgers telling press that he would let Carroll go out on loan if someone wanted him, Sam Allardyce immediately started rocking from side to side at the dinner table (because he's fat) and shouted things in an excited manner.  "What is it?" said his wife, "wflflwl wflwlkkllklllfle KEVN NOLERN ANRE CARRYL" shouted back the rotund ball punting advocate, and then he phoned the nearest journalist he could find to tell him that he'd try and sign him.  Or maybe the papers just made it up because Allardyce plays terrible long ball football and Andy Carroll is tall and or strong.  WILL WE EVER KNOW THE TRUTH?!!